Surgical Instrument Maintenance: Best Practices for Prolonged Durability

Surgeon's hands holding scissors for surgical instrument maintenance.

High-quality surgical instruments can serve for a long time, and perform exceptional surgical performance. However, the quality fades over time, and some rules exist to help you maintain the quality of your instruments and promote their long life. Thus, let’s understand what these steps contain, and how you can add them to your daily routine […]

Are Your Surgical Instruments Up to Standard? Find Out Now!

A circle of surgical instruments on a table.

A surgical procedure is a vulnerable place, where every aspect is responsible for the success of the surgery. This includes the cleanness of the room, the patient and doctor uniforms, and of course, the sterile surgical instruments, that will have direct contact with the patient. In this blog, we will focus on sterile instruments, and […]

Telemedicine and its Impact on Medical Equipment Requirements

Selecting the best medical billing software. Consider telemedicine's influence on equipment needs.

Telemedicine is a key component that contributes to the development of medicine. Recently, the American Hospital Association conducted research, according to which telemedicine has increased the convenience for patients to access medical help more easily. This is a huge potential hidden behind the concept of telemedicine, which promises tomorrow’s healthcare to receive the required medical […]

Beyond the Basics: Unveiling the Fundamental Rules of Ultrasound Equipment

A doctor using handheld ultrasound equipment

Ultrasound innovation is a key factor in present-day medication since it offers painless experiences in the human body’s internal system. From pre-birth care to diagnosing different ailments, ultrasound gear, including an ultrasound transducer, has altered how medical services experts picture and figure out their patients’ health conditions. Be that as it may, dominating the types […]

Tech Trends in Medicine: Exploring the Latest Surgical Innovations

A woman in a surgical mask and gloves points at a screen displaying surgical instruments.

The operating room has been recognized as a hospital location that wastes a lot of electricity, partly because it uses a large amount of single-use goods.  Many of these are made of plastic, leaving an environmental mark that can be easily avoided. Steri Group focuses on decreasing this impact by integrating up-to-date surgical instruments targeted […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Sterilization Techniques in Medical Equipment

Steri Group's Medical Equipment Sterilization Guide - Illustration showcasing modern sterilization techniques for healthcare devices.

The field of medicine requires high-quality sterilization and in order to reach that level, medicine has adopted various techniques. It is safe to say that each and every piece of medical equipment has a specific way of sterilization. This is to ensure the efficiency of cleaning. In this blog post, we are going to get […]

Sustainability in Medical Equipment Distribution: Balancing Health and Environmental Concerns

Eco-friendly medical equipment for sustainable healthcare.

The process of medical equipment distribution is one of the continuous processes that add up to environmental pollution. This aspect involves the withdrawal of raw materials, various manufacturing processes, transportation, and end-of-life disposal. Plastic in medicine In medicine, the majority of plastic is used only once, which alone is a pollution trigger to the environment […]

Safety First: The Role of Quality Surgical Instruments in Patient Care

Various surgical instruments are neatly arranged on a sterile surface.

Patient safety will always be one of the major concerns for healthcare providers. This includes the quality of the provided services, as well as the quality of the surgical instruments used in each and every medical intervention. In this blog, we will get acquainted with the indispensable role high-quality medical tools have in patient care, […]